• My pancreas doesn’t provide insulin to me like theirs does, but I can do it pretty well with my insulin pump.
  • My diet is not much different than other people’s, but I just count the amount of carbs (and protein and fat too since I’m at it) that I put into my body. I consider that to be healthier than most of the people I know.
  • When I put carb counts into my insulin pump, it isn’t because I am having a crisis, in fact, I do it before everything I eat.
  • My blood sugar is normal because I am vigilant, not in spite of that. Because you see me counting carbs, I will stay healthy.
  • I can eat the same foods that everyone else does, but since my pancreas doesn’t count carbs for me, I just do it with my insulin pump, and that works really well.
  • There is no room in this world for anyone to tell me what I can or cannot eat. I am very painfully aware of everything that I eat. Outsiders do not get to jump in the middle of this like it is a sports game, and announce what the “score” is. I have kept score every day for too many years at this point to allow someone who only thinks that they know how to play this game to come in and tell me what they think I am “doing wrong.”
  • My pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. That is it, there is nothing else that being diabetic means about me, physically or emotionally.
  • I have to give myself insulin with a pump. Nothing else.


Lloyd Taylor
[email protected]

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