I’m lucky, my family has always been supportive of what it takes to live with diabetes. But I don’t live with my family. I live with roommates and I have friends that live really close by.

They’re there when we’re traveling. Or walking. Or playing sports. Or drinking. They are the ones that see the ins and outs. They see everything from the quick “hold on a sec – let me check!” to “hey, I just crashed 400 points, are you close by?”

I have lost count in the ways they have said, “no problem!” I still always ask for forgiveness and apologize. I’ve asked if being told diabetes stories makes me feel like a burden. It doesn’t. I hate when diabetes takes any extra time. I’ve had some big diabetes moments that I find scary. I’ve tried to move on and ignore the fear. But it’s hard. I’ve tried to not burden my friends with diabetes, but that’s hard too.Briley Boisvert

I wish this support system wasn’t needed, but it helps me find the good people.
I wish for all of you to find this support system.
I wish they understood just how valuable they are.
I wish I didn’t need them the way I do.
I wish diabetes didn’t make this type of friendship needed.
I wish I could bottle up this type of understanding and support and share it with everyone who needs it

Briley Boisvert
Briley has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was 3 years old and likes to joke that skiing is the only thing she has been doing longer than having diabetes. She lives in the
Boston area and started her blog in 2010 and has been continually making new diabetes online community friends since then. She is powered by coffee and laughter.

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