I wish people knew that diabetes means that sometimes you’re in a full out war with your body before 9am.

I wish my co-workers knew that the pleasant smile I have on my face when walking through the door this morning is a mask. I wish they knew how hard it was to stay calm in traffic while sucking down a glucose gel pack, then checking my CGM every few moments, praying for my arrow to start trending up. I wish my co-workers knew how lucky they are to only have the worries and anxieties of work deadlines mulling around in their heads for the first portion of the day, while I’m still reeling from that unexplained low, and trying to pretend I can function like a normal person at my desk.

I wish people knew that diabetes means that sometimes you have to do a lot of pretending on those days when you FEEL SO DIABETIC you really cant focus on anything else.

Asha Agar Brown

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